Thank you for showing your interest in this year’s Cambridge Experience.

Please make sure you carefully fill in the correct information throughout. We strongly recommend that the child you are applying for is involved as much as possible in this application process

Once we receive your  application we shall evaluate it and we shall communicate a decision to you. 

If your application is successful you will be advised on how to make your enrolment and participation fees. 

If your application is not accepted you will be given a very clear reason or what you are required to do. You have a right to appeal the refusal.

Please note that you are not to make any payment until your application has been accepted. 

parent and child registering online


The Cambridge Experience Application Form



    Does the participant have any peculiar health problem? (required)
    Does the participant have any allergies? (required)
    Has the participant ever had any contagious disease? (required)


    Your sincere comments count heavily as it will be a factor to determine how well the child can benefit maximally from the program and how flexible we may need to be with the child. So please take time to fill out this section as honestly and objectively as you can.

    Works well with others
    Respects Authority
    Adapts easily to new surroundings
    Has positive attitude towards school
    Handles conflicts appropriately
    Accepts responsiblity for behaviour
    Follows written or oral instructions
    Seeks new challenges
    Literacy (English & general communication)
    IT Skills
    Numeracy (Maths)
    Foreign Languages

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